Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Children Living In Poverty In Cambodia & Southeast Asia

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Millions of children in poverty live with hunger and need education throughout Cambodia and Southeast Asia.  Children living in poverty and hunger each night is a top concern of civil society and NGO's throughout the Southeast Asian Region.

It's estimated that nearly 40% of Cambodia's children go to be hungry each night in a country where nearly 5 MILLION PEOPLE exist on just $0.50 USD (50 cents) per day.  Further, just 49% of Cambodian youth go on to secondary school.

The slideshow above contains photographs of children, some of who cope with these issues in their daily lives.


Ben said...

How to solve this issue? I will make use of all tools I have to pursue this.

John Brown said...

Yes Ben...I checked out your link and agree with Steven Jobs. Many people get along just fine living a simple lifestyle but these people above scramble for food, clothing and shelter every day. Please visit for a global view of things. Regards, JB Cambodia

Anonymous said...

This is heartbreaking

John Brown said...

Yes it is. And hundreds of millions of people live this way. Its just not a concern inside the Western World's Bubble of Prosperity sadly.